Custom American Coins, Commemorative Medallions
If you are looking for top quality American coins and commemorative medallions for gifts, corporate awards, or special occasions, you’ve come to the right place.

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For over 20 years Southern California based Golden State Mint has been the leading American Mint with full-service coin minting of commemorative medallions and custom coins for many occasions. We offer a variety of American Coins, Recovery Medallions, Commemorative Medallions, and Silver bullion coin.

American Coins

American Coins

Why not discover what our many satisfied customers have-when it comes to American-Mint “Premier Quality Coins at Competitive Prices,” Golden State Mint is the answer to all your coin minting needs. Contact us today — we guarantee you’ll be glad you did! Learn more about our Custom coin minting and medallions.

Special Occasions

Special Occasions

Custom coins and commemorative medallions from Golden State Mint have been used for souvenirs and gifts for any number of celebrations. The possibilities for these unique American Mint items are endless.

Custom Minting

Custom Minting

Each and every one of our Creative Design and Sales Staff is committed to making sure you receive a final custom coin, commemorative medallion, or silver bullion coin that is individually crafted and elegantly appointed to your exacting specifications.


What People Are Saying

I have made many purchases and have always been fast tracked to get my product fresh from production in a timely manner. Good people.

Kim A.

They did good by us. We had some custom medals made for a customer at our coin shop. We were both very satisfied with the product and the price and delivery time. Good Job!

A&D Coin

I love the fact that you’re doing things your way and not simply conformed to the mainstream way of things…I LOVE THAT YOU’RE NOT JUST ANOTHER SHEEP AMONG THE HERD!!

Doris C.


Silver Mint

Many people are using Silver bullion coin for investments today. We  now offer silver bullion coin. Several designs are available.


Military Coins

Military Soldiers, Fire Fighters, First Responders, and all who Protect our Freedom and Secure our Safety with Military coins and Challenge coins.



Packaging for your custom coin or medallion can be just as important as the memento itself. We offer a selection of elegantly appointed options for your finished product.

Custom Coin Minting, Recovery Medallions,
Commemorative Medallion Minting Services from Golden State Mint

Custom coin minting with Golden State Mint means you always receive “Premier Quality American Coins at Competitive Prices.” For over 20 years Golden State Mint has provided “full-service” custom coin minting . Full-service coin minting means we do it all in-house— from the melting of the metal, to the packaging of the final American coin product. We guarantee your custom coin or custom medallion is 100% American made to exacting standards by our expert team of experienced and helpful staff members. Each person at our family-owned and operated facility is committed to providing you with the highest quality custom coin or custom medallion you can purchase anywhere. Whether is used to celebrate a special event or achievement, Golden State Mint is ready to fabricate a beautifully crafted commemorative medallion you can be proud of. Get in touch.

Commemorative Coins

Golden State Mint’s knowledgeable staff will work with you though each step of the Custom coin minting process:

We start with art work that is created from something as basic as your general idea or rough sketch—or your camera ready art work. Golden State Mint also has many stock designs for you to choose from.

Once the final design is approved, an expert artist will create dies to exact detail from your designs, and those dies will be used to create your custom made coins. Golden State Mint is proud of our experienced artisans who make sure your artwork is reproduced to stringent standards.

Next, we do the gold, silver, brass, or metal alloy melting in our in-house metal processing area. The metal is processed, and blanked to create a blank which is then “die struck” with your custom or stock design.

Once a commemorative medallion is finished, we offer you a choice of medallion finishing options. You may choose to antique, secondary plate, or even have it hand-painted with color enamel. Other special services to further enhance the uniqueness of your custom commemorative medallion include: Serial Numbering, Gold Plating, and Select Gold Plating.

Obviously, your beautiful commemorative coin or medallion should be packaged to represent the image you wish to convey. Golden State Mint has many packaging options to choose from.

Custom Minting Services for your special coins or commemorative medallions from Golden State Mint couldn’t be easier. We also offer a line of In-House Designs to complement your design on the reverse side.

Over 20 years of satisfied customers using our full-service American mint can’t be wrong. When you choose Golden State Mint for your Custom Minting Services, we guarantee you will always receive “Premier Quality American Coins at Competitive Prices.”

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